the hills of iowa make me wish that i could 

Scattered things today.

-Sometimes blogging is like a cocktail party, where everyone is sufficiently willing to participate in sort of random conversations with strangers, either for entertainment or for the rare moment that it brings a new person into your life somehow. Other times, it feels like you ventured out to a different table in the cafeteria, and are completely unable to participate on equal terms. Blogs, too, are capable of mimicking society in the sense that some are clique-y and others are not. Blogs themselves will not change the world, but the people that write on them might.

-Other recent similes running through my brain: "A pretty girl is like a minstrel show" (Magnetic Fields), and "Dave Matthews is like Starbucks" (me).

-On Amazon.com there is a video clip of Springsteen et al recording John Henry, one of the tracks on the upcoming album of Pete Seeger covers. Go watch it. I was expecting some solo Tom Joad-esque versions, since the album was reportedly recorded back in the 90's - and no doubt there will be some - but this video indicates something I am now incredibly excited for. Springsteen-ified folk songs. I'll write a post about folk music one of these days, and you will see why this is such a fantastic turn of events in my world.

- Two Gallants are a band that I highly recommend. The reference their name makes to Joyce is cool, but the subconscious memories it dredges up for me about "Goofus and Gallant" are cooler. Highlights! rules! Please listen to their music, it is enchanting.


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