In an email from my dad, regarding Turtle Rock, he raises several important points. Allow me to expound on them further:

"Any service that is provided on the cheap or for free is deemed without value."
This is true. This is exactly what I am resisting. The whole problem is that "value" represents an economic construct, or at least part of a see-saw in which economics and inspiration find balance, at the point-of-sale. It's only a problem because I take it personally. It bothers me to think that people would be making these decisions with my artwork, so I want to ensure that the economic aspects, the consumer-orientation that pervades the music industry, is simply shut out of the equation. I fully realize that this will come off as undesirable to a lot of people because of the lack of monetary value associated with buying things, but that's OK. I want to change the way people think, even if it's just a teeny bit at a time.

"Value added is the key."
Well, duh. But value is more than dolla bills.

"But truly every business is the same (even philanthropy) in these respects, and in any place on the planet."
Again, I take this personally, because I just cant equate my product with hair product or something. Maybe it's a distinction between things that have spirit and things that don't. Maybe it's pure ego. Regardless, there are unique qualities to music as an art form, as a folk idiom, and as a source of things intangible. I can't treat it like an M.B.A., because it would seem disrespectful.

"You have to do something better than everyone else, or be more desirable, or more convenient, or whatever."
Maybe. Talk to Phil about New Sincerity.

"People are often bad."
People are more often lazy or ignorant than really bad. They don't know how to think for themselves. Should we talk politics?

"And it is easy to be fooled by what other people tell you."
Ah ha! There's the rub. I have to listen to what I know I want. So thanks for the advice, Dad, and keep it coming....but don't expect me to give in.


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